Pros & Cons

The good mostly outweighs the bad with regard to the Nissan Terra. Thanks to its sizeable specifications, it enjoys torque on tap and is responsive and takes orders well. Thanks to its suspension setup, and the fact that it is based on the Navara, the Terra enjoys a refined ride for its class. It’ll glide easier over bumps and uneven patches of road better than other midsize offerings in the market without a rear-multilink suspension. To top it all off, it’s well packaged, surrounded with style and muscularity that is appropriate for its segment. 

A few gripes that the Terra is with regard to the interior being made of plastic elements. There are soft touches scattered throughout the cabin, however, but it’s opulent. Its simple lines and dark color palette would elude to the longevity-driven interior since it shares many similarities with the Navara as well. 

What You Will Like
  • Refined ride for an SUV
  • Handsome Looks
  • Nissan Connect System is more seamless that prior iterations
What You Won't Like
  • 360-Degree camera lacking in quality
  • Interior is uninspiring
  • No speed sensing door locks

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